Guava Muffins With A Crumble Topping

Ten sweet guavas were used to get half a cup of sauce that went into these muffins.

Now that the mango season is about to bid goodbye, it’s the turn of the guavas. My mornings now start with picking ripe or nearly ripe guavas. Today I made guava muffins that made the kitchen and the house smell like an orchard. Not in an overpowering way but there were hints of a mango/banana kind of smell. My neighbour who was busy weeding her garden told me that the aroma wafting towards her was heavenly!!

Sunset Bells are a feature of a tropical summer garden. Just like guavas!

We mostly have the fruits raw. We aren’t fond of jam (anything that has a high sugar content) and the fact that guavas are high on Vitamin C and A make them even more welcome. These are small but sweet.

So many seeds! The mixture was sieved and added to caramelized sugar.

The guavas were boiled till they softened. Then I mashed them up a bit and passed the pulp through a sieve. Since these guavas are pale in colour I caramelized about three teaspoons of sugar and added the sieved paste. That explains why the “sauce’ looks brown.

Just before going into a 175 degree oven for thirty minutes

I used my regular measurements that I have used in my past muffin posts. The difference was that I used guava paste as well as the crumble mix for the topping. Ripe guavas can be very strong-smelling but using guava in cakes and muffins gives a wonderfully subtle flavour. And going by what my neighbour commented, you can well imagine how the aroma was. I should have used more crumble mix for the topping. Maybe, next time….

Guava muffins with crumble topping.

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