Kairi Tart (Tart Made Of Green Mangoes)

The idea of today’s mango tart came from this month’s issue of BBC Good Food magazine/India. Ever since I saw the pictures and the recipe I couldn’t wait to try it. There were several other dishes using our much-loved summer fruit in its green form in the said issue. Kairi tart, kairi rice, kairi cooler and other delish ideas. The word kairi stands for raw mango in Marathi. 

Usually when you think of a mango tart, images of  finely sliced golden ripe mangoes come to mind but this one uses green unripe mangoes and has a bit of tang in it. I loved the idea! If lemon tarts are popular, then why not tarts made of unripe mangoes? And the fact that I could get them fresh off my tree made it all the better! I had also ordered tiny pie dishes from Urban Dazzle and my package arrived yesterday. These dishes are four inches wide and just right for individual pies/desserts. It had been raining all these days and it’s wonderfully pleasant to work in the kitchen. Otherwise the summer humidity levels here in Assam can be sheer torture!

The recipe is adapted from BBC Good Food magazine, May 2013

The Mix

eggs    2

sugar   1/2 cup
cream  1/2 cup
raw mangoes 100 gram, peeled and grated

The Tart Shell

butter 2 1/2tsp, chilled and cubed

sugar 2 tbsp
flour 5 tbsp
egg 1/2, beaten
vanilla essence, a few drops
water 1 tbsp

For the pastry dough, mix the butter, sugar, and sugar till the mixture looks like breadcrumbs. Add the beaten egg, vanilla essence, and water and bring it together. Make a ball, flatten it, and keep in in the fridge wrapped in clingfilm. Chill for an hour. (For the pastry dough, I included more of everything as I was planning to make about 12 tarts). The measurements for the shell(in the magazine) makes four tarts.

Roll out the pastry dough into 1/2 cm thick. Cut out and place them in loose-bottomed tart moulds about 8 inches in diameter. (I used the new dishes that I mentioned in the beginning of my post). Bake blind for 15 minutes at 180*C. Remove the beans, apply egg wash to the inside of the shells and bake for another 5 minutes. Remove and let the tart shells cool.

For the filling, mix the cream, sugar, eggs, and grated raw mangoes. Pour the mixture into the cooled shells and bake in a pre-heated oven at 140*C for 15 minutes. Bring the temperature down to 120 and continue to bake till the filling is set. This could take anything between 20-25 minutes. (Mine was done a little sooner).

Chill for a couple of hours before serving. An option here is that you can use a blowtorch to caramelize the top of the tart. We had it cold with some sugar dusting. I have to say that my tarts didn’t look as good as the magazine’s but the taste? Well, I have no complaints regarding that!:)

Having a mango tree in my front-yard, or any tree for that matter, makes you aware and observant of all the wildlife around you. Although these pictures show only a few of the creatures who love to visit, several birds make it a point to stop by its branches. Bulbuls, sparrows, the oriental magpie robins, the Asian pied starlings and occasionally, the tree kingfisher find a branch to rest before they go back to the business of living!

Happy Monday everyone!!

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