Hand Pies With A Sweet Coconut Filling

Since I still have some more coconuts lying around my kitchen I thought coconut hand pies for tea would be nice. With the slight drizzle that we’ve had, the summer heat has been kept at bay. So it’s a pleasure to knead, roll, handle not only the dough but a dozen other things in the kitchen as well. As I type this I’m worried that the jackfruit pickle that should have got a day’s basking in the sun only got a quarter of an hour before the drizzle started. Keeping my fingers crossed, and hoping that the generous amount of spices and oil that I have smothered it with, will see it through this setback.

These pies are all about tweaking the gujia, a very popular Indian sweet with a filling of coconut, nuts and khoya, which is evaporated milk. There are moulds too that give you that properly done look, the kind that you might get at a mithai shop. For gujia, a little bit of ghee is mixed into the flour and kneaded. The filling is prepared, the dough is rolled out, the stuffing goes in and the sweets are fried in oil till they turn golden brown.

I used regular pastry dough that I made with butter. The filling (seen in the glass bowl in the picture) was of coconut, sugar, and raisins, lightly fried.

After the dough was rolled and cut out, about two teaspoons of the filling went in. I didn’t use any water before pressing the edges. I pinched the edges and created this pattern. Before they went onto a lightly greased tray in a 180 C oven, I made three little cuts on each pie with a knife. A bit of egg wash and in they went for about 15 minutes

And for a little indulgence came pink antirrhinums from my rain-drenched flower bed and some dollops of cream. At tea-time, thoughts about my jackfruit pickle not getting enough sun were forgotten as we dug into these buttery, coconut(ty), and not overly sweet pies. 

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