Bean & Pork Salad With Sesame Seeds

I’ve had a pretty good harvest of French beans this year. A fresh batch picked this morning went into making this salad. Since I had some boiled pork in the fridge, I took out a chunk and cut it into thin rectangular pieces. The beans (I didn’t string them) were blanched in salted water and promptly went into iced water to retain their colour. As for the other ingredients, I added one sliced onion and two sliced chillies (de-seeded). 

For the dressing I toasted a heaped tablespoon of black sesame seeds. It was done on a skillet till they crackled and the nutty scent filled the kitchen. Then the seeds were ground to a not-so-fine paste. Some freshly grated pepper and a drizzle of olive oil finished off the dressing. No extra salt was added as the meat and the beans were already salted. The nasturtium blooms were a last minute addition. They won’t be blooming beyond April so I might as well make the most of them. I think the bright oranges and yellows make the dish  look more vibrant. As for the taste (even if I say so myself)….it was delicious!!

Lunch time salad

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  1. Mark Willis says:

    A very interesting dressing. And I agree, very vibrant and good-looking.

  2. Titania says:

    Kanak, the salad looks mouthwatering and very beautiful, as one says, one also eats with the eyes. I like cooking, mainly Mediterranean, but interesting to learn and see new recipes, especially home cooking. The techniques and ingredients you use.

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